MuckRid Group

Muck Treatments

Face it, ponds can sometimes have an unpleasant odor. This is particularly true for older, established ponds. Over time, organic matter such as uneaten fish food, dead plant debris, leaves, and grass clippings accumulate at the bottom of the pond. This organic matter breaks down and forms a layer of muck or sludge, which can emit an unpleasant odor. This is where SuperNatural MuckRid muck removal tablets come in. These tablets are specially formulated to sink deep into the muck layer and remove it permanently. Simply toss in a few tablets once a week and watch that muck and odor disappear fast!

SuperNatural MuckRid tablets are a form of water treatment that are manufactured from billions of natural bacteria and enzyme cultures that are specifically chosen for their ability to eat organic material that collects at the bottom of ponds. These tablets can remove up to 7 inches of muck/sludge in any size of pond and are completely safe for aquatic animals, waterfowl, and humans.

Our tabs are developed from over 40 years of application in large-scale aquaculture hatcheries that contain hundreds of thousands of fish in one pond alone. We have applied that knowledge to our MuckRid tabs to develop a product that can not only remove muck quickly but also be 100% safe for aquatic life while doing its work.