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Pond Clarifiers

So, you just put in a new pond or you have just cleaned your existing pond. It’s nice and clear, you can see all your fish and rocks and you think to yourself my pond is going to look like this forever….queue the needle scratching across the record. Not so fast!

We sincerely hope you never have to use any of the products in our SuperNatural line but the fact of owning a pond is general maintenance. Ponds don’t stay clear “naturally”. There are tons of environmental factors that affect clarity, grass clippings, fish waste, food waste, debris from aquatic plants and even sunlight.

Whether you need very fast pond clarifiers for quickly arising issues or if you just want to maintain your pond’s clarity, SuperNatural has any product you need to keep your pond clear and its owner happy.  Once you use one of our SuperNatural clarifiers we guarantee you will agree that they work so fast you’ll swear it’s magic.