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If you are having muck/sludge and odor problems in your pond, SuperNatural has a wide variety of products to help you remove and prevent these common problems in ponds and water gardens naturally.



Water clarity is the #1 problem in water gardens. The clarifiers in the SuperNatural line are designed to clear water quickly and cost effectively. Stronger products for less.



Odor in ponds is caused by organic material accumulating in the pond, uneaten fish food, leaves, twigs and airborne pollutants. SuperNatural provides natural, safe products to remove those harmful materials.



Ponds require conditioning in a number of ways, preparing pond water to remove chlorine, chloramine, ammonia is essential to start your pond off on the right foot.



Ponds need routine maintenance just like your lawn. Regular treatment with natural bacteria and enzyme products will keep your pond clear and problem free year-round.

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Fish Shield

Koi and even goldfish are expensive. They add vitality and fun to your pond and you want them to be healthy and happy. SuperNatural FishShield improves fish health, increases feed conversion, improves survival rates and fish growth naturally. Shield your water babies with FishShield routinely to keep them safe and vigorous.


Muck Rid

Over time, ponds that are not properly maintained collect all kinds of organic material that falls to the bottom of the pond and forms a muck/sludge layer. That muck layer begins to smell and cause clarity and even fish disease. SuperNatural MuckRid tablets quickly sink deep into the sludge layer and eat up odor causing muck helping your pond stay clean and clear.

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Pond Magic

SuperNatural PondMagic truly works magically. Most ponds, fountains and “pondless ponds” get a layer of discolored grime on rocks, waterfalls and streams. SuperNatural PondMagic works with a proprietary oxy-powered product that allows you to simply throw the product on the problem and watch it disappear in minutes. After treatment, rocks look like new, easy as that!

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